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Become the local authority in your market! Choose your top three markets and capture all listing opportunities that come through FreeHomeOpinion.com. No more competing for internet traffic, paying per click or for impresssions. Every lead captured in your area is yours...we do not share or sell any of your leads; they are 100% yours. We will also create a professional landing page that is customized for you to start generating leads and grow your business. Promote your willingness to help your contacts and their referrals with a Free Home Valuation and begin receiving leads!

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Affordable low monthly fee

Our landing pages will get you up and running within minutes and for a fraction of the cost! While the cost to market your business online continues to increase, the FreeHomeOpinion.com service provides real estate professionals with a very affordable alternative that works! Capture an unlimited amount of leads for a flat fee that will not increase. Not satisfied? Cancel at anytime. No questions asked.

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Leads delivered in real-time so that you can convert ASAP!

Once contact information is captured through FreeHomeOpinion.com or through our proprietary landing pages, we will notify you right away via email. You can then follow up directly with each lead and provide them with a home valuation for their property. Use this as an opportunity to dazzle them and win their business! Converting leads through our platform will be the highest ROI on your marketing dollars.

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